Transportation services

Today Flagman provides customs clearance and delivery services for LTL shipments inGermany, Belgium, Italy.

Air freight is the fastest and most convenient way to deliver cargo. Flagman can deliver almost any cargo by air. We can also provide customs clearance, warehouse storage and offer other logistics services.

Flagman makes door to door deliveries across the whole world. This type of deliveries means trouble free shipment of goods from the sender’s door to the door of recipient. We operate in China, Japan, the USA, South Korea, Australia, Europe, Latin America, Canada and other countries.

Flagman can deliver your goods by road across Russia and to other countries. Road transportation is the most optimal way to deliver commodities, especially in the territories with lack of railroads and ports.

Rail transportation is the most optimal solution to deliver containers from ports to final destination, especially for heavy load. Rail transportation can be used for containers with cargo weight of 21.5–26 tons without special permit (such permit would be required in case of road transportation).