Declaration of Conformity is a document made on a blank sheet of paper and certified by a state certifying body, which confirms the conformity of the goods quality to the state standards. The declaration must feature two stamps: of the certifying body and the declarant.

Letter of exemption is an official document from the certifying authority or Agency for Technical Regulation confirming that the applicant’s products are not subject to mandatory declaration or mandatory certification. These letters are issued by different organizations: letters for customs are issued by VNIIS (Russian Research Institute for Certification), letters for retail can be issued by any authorized certification center.

GOST R Certificate of Conformity or Quality Certificate under GOST R certification is a document confirming the product compliance with state standards and issued by the authorized certifying body. GOST R Certificate can be received for a limited shipment of products, serial manufacture or contract. The choice is made by certification center and approved by the submitting company.

Fire safety certificate is a document which confirms the products meet the fire safety requirements. Fire safety certificate can be issued to the manufacturer or importer of the goods. In Russia, a fire safety certificate is issued against the log sheet of product samples test. The requirements to the products and tests vary for various products.

State Registration Certificate is a document issued by authorized bodies to confirm the compliance of goods with human health safety requirements. State registration of domestic products is done at the pre-manufacturing stage, for imported products – before it enters Russia.