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Fire Safety Certificate

Fire safety certificate is a document which confirms the products meet the fire safety requirements. Fire safety certificate can be issued to the manufacturer or importer of the goods. In Russia, a fire safety certificate is issued against the log sheet of product samples test. The requirements to the products and tests vary for various products. Their descriptions can be found in GOST and technical specifications to the products. The list of goods subject to mandatory fire safety certification is specified in article 146 of Federal Law No.123 of 22.07.2008. If the product does not require mandatory certification, but the manufacturer wants to run the fire test operations, they can voluntarily submit for fire safety certificate. A voluntary certificate is often received for participation in tenders as advantage over the competitors. Procedure for issuing a fire safety certificate

  • Submission of documents

The list of documents required to be submitted to the authorized body depends on the product. This is the list of documents which are obligatory for all products:

  • Incorporation documents;
  • Product technical specifications;
  • Other technical documents for the products: product passport, blueprints, description of the device and/or constructional design;
  • Tests and manufacture compliance assessment (not required for all product types) are carried out by a certified body;
  •  After the submission of documents product samples are selected.
  •  Manufacture compliance assessment is carried out (if required by test procedures).
  •  The test results are entered into Sample Selection Deed and Manufacture Compliance Deed (if the latter was performed).
  •  The selected samples undergo laboratory tests.
  •  The test results are included into the log sheet which serves the basis for the decision to issue a certificate.
  •  This decision allows the submitting company to receive fire safety certificate.

The cost of certification depends on the product and is made up of the following:

  • Preparation for compliance tests;
  • Sample test runs;
  • Manufacture compliance assessment (if required by registration procedures);
  • The preparation and issue of the document.

Sample test is the most expensive procedure. The product and complexity of test methods determine the exact costs involved. During the tests, the product is checked for compliance with a number of indicators. The test log sheet indicates compliance degree and other product features, including:

  • Flammability group;
  • Combustibility group;
  • Flame propagation group;
  • Linear flame propagation speed;
  • Oxygen consumption per unit of product weight during burning;
  • Emission of toxic agents per unit of product weight during burning etc.
  • Manufacture compliance assessment is not required
  • in case if:
  • The compliance test is run for individual product or batch;
  • The manufacturer holds ISO 9001 certificate.

How to receive fire certificate (fire safety certificate) Documents required for submission:

  • Application form;
  • Particulars;
  • Statistical codes;
  • Tax ID Certificate;
  • Primary State Registration Number Certificate;
  • Company Articles of Association (first three pages and last page);
  • Technical specifications if the products are manufactured not in compliance with GOST;
  • Lease agreement or title deed for manufacturing premises.

The certification process will be faster if you send the documents electronically. We provide our clients with both fire certificate and test log sheet showing the actual test results. The timeframes may vary depending on the type of product, complexity of tests, requirement to carry out manufacture compliance assessment. For individual products the fire certificate is valid within the service life of the product.