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Declaration of Conformity

Declaration of Conformity is a document made on a blank sheet of paper and certified by a state certifying body, which confirms the conformity of the goods quality to the state standards. The declaration must feature two stamps: of the certifying body and the declarant.

Declaration of Conformity:

  • Is valid for up to 3 years;
  • Is required for customs clearance and release of goods;
  • Is legally equal to the Certificate of conformity;
  • Requires certified laboratory tests;
  • Can be registered only in the name of Russian manufacturer or importing company (foreign companies can request a voluntary Certificate of Conformity);
  • Is often prepared together with the voluntary Certificate of Conformity, since some retailers demand both the Declaration and the Certificate;
  • Some companies may not accept it as binding document (it is made on a blank paper and not on special GOZNAK letterhead featuring a number of protection measures).

Why do you need Declaration of Conformity if you can receive Certificate of Conformity which enjoys a higher degree of trust in the market? The Russian legislation stipulates for “Classification of products requiring obligatory certification” and “Classification of products requiring obligatory declaration”.   If your goods are in the list requiring obligatory declaration, then you are required by law to receive a Declaration of Conformity. And if some of your business partners don’t consider the declaration to be enough you can always apply for voluntary certification.

A Declaration of Conformity is usually required for consumer goods, such as:

  • Residential furniture;
  • Some grocery products;
  • Footwear and clothes for grown-ups (excluding underwear).

Classification of products requiring obligatory declaration

Documents needed to issue a Declaration of Conformity

For domestic products with serial production:

  • Application for declaration;
  • Product passport and/or user manual;
  • Lease agreement or proof of ownership to the manufacturing premises;
  • Russian Primary State Registration Number (OGRN), Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities, Tax ID number;
  • Technical specifications to the manufactured products (TOR, if the products are not manufactured under Russian GOST Federal Standard).

For products imported under a contract:

  • Application;
  • Copy of contract;
  • Articles of Association (first three pages and the last page);
  • Russian Primary State Registration Number (OGRN), Certificate of Registration with the Tax Authorities, Tax ID number;
  • Description of products (materials, appearance, scope of use).