Customs clearance

In 2010, Federal Customs Service started to introduce an automated customs clearance system. By 2014, all customs stations of Russia will be using this system. At Flagman, we are already switching customs clearance to this distant form, offering our clients electronic declaration today.

Our company has the status of the All-Russian customs broker. We also have wide regional network allowing our team to handle almost any goods imported to the territory of the Russian Federation through the customs authorities. Our specialists have a large cross-border experience with such products as excise goods (petrochemicals, motor vehicles, alcoholic and tobacco products and other), medical equipment and pharmaceuticals, industrial equipment, special purpose machinery and other goods which require classifying clearance approvals from the Federal Customs Service of the Russian Federation.

When indirect tax – excise is added to the price of goods, such goods are called excise goods. Excise goods need to be handled at excise customs station. Excise goods under customs regime are stored at special warehouses: excise bonded warehouses.