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SRC (State Registration Certificate)

State Registration Certificate is a document issued by authorized bodies to confirm the compliance of goods with human health safety requirements. The State Registration Certificate:

  • Authorizes to manufacture the goods in Russia;
  • Allows to import and sell the goods in;
  • Is valid in the whole territory of  the Customs Union;
  • Is issued on special unified blank form;
  • Is issued by the Federal Service On Customers' Rights Protection And Human Well-Being Surveillance;
  • Enables not to obtain sanitary and epidemiological inspection report of compliance with state sanitary and epidemiological regulations and standards.

State registration of domestic products is done at the pre-manufacturing stage, for imported products – before it enters Russia. The Resolution No.299 of the Customs Union Committee of 28 May 2010 approved the unified list of goods requiring sanitary and epidemiological inspection (control) at the customs border and unified sanitary, epidemiological and hygienic requirements to goods requiring sanitary and epidemiological inspection (control).